How can I edit the graphics part of CD&G file



I’m using Karaoke files as backing tracks when I play my guitar this save me learning the lyrics. I want to edit the graphics part of the CD+G file and add chord changes. Example:

If you evere change your mind… becomes:

If y[A]ou evere change your m[C]ind

where the [A] and [C] inbebed in the lyrics are the chord change points.

Does anyone know of any software on the market that will allow me to do this. If you need further info from me you can contact me via email
cheers guys


I don’t know jack Sh** about this subject but did some looking and
found a couple of things that may help…if not sorry for wasting your
time…8 )

Here’s a page with some software and links that may help.

This link is a tutorial for the above…take some time to read it.
It is possible that what your looking for is in there…
I read some of it and I think it has what your looking for.

Again sorry if this is not what your looking for.
You may also what to look at:
New version or beta of Audiograbber it does CDG.
Also Karaoke Builder Studio