How can I edit PG-13 movies into PG?

Would this forum be able to walk me through the “how to” of editing and recording DVD’s? What I want to do is make PG-13 movies into PG so my 9 year old can watch them. So I need to be able to delete scenes from the orignal movie and then burn an edited copy of the movie to a DVD. My computer has XP, a DVD player, and DVD burner to do it. Thank you for your help.

The problem is with both audio (language) and video. It is a big job I use a DVD player with TVguardian for the audio and quick fingers with pause for the video. I had to do this for movies to show in public school.
A DVD recorder with DVD-RAM as a big plus

I use Womble MPEG video Wizard DVD. Just rip it to the hard drive and delete all you want. Fast and easy to do.

Thanks I downloaded a free trial.

Looks good but much to learn to use.

I just emailed Womble to see if their product can do what I need. I let you know when I get a reply. I assume the hard part will be if their product can “open” the DVD to begin editing.

Try purchasing a DVD Player with built in TV Guardian Technology it’s in
RCA DVD Players. This technology will filter out all the bad word before its said on the TV.