How can I edit DVD footage with no quality loss?

I had a good look through the forums here but was unable to find a difinitive answer to my question so I thought I would ask…

How can I take footage from a DVD, edit it then create a new DVD from the edit with as little quality loss as possible?

Some additional info…

I have been editing video for some time now using Premier (currently using Pro 7). Recently I was asked to do a job wich involved editing footage that could only be supplied on DVD (that was all they had).
Now, I can rip the DVD, edit it and make a new DVD fine but my problem is that I have to re-encode the footage several times and so end up with noticable quality loss. How can I improve my process so as to end up with the best video/sound quality possible?

    • Rip - How can I extract the VOBs to an editable format with no quality loss (I am assuming that this can be done with NO quality loss).
    • Edit - I need to be able to edit (1) in Premier. If this is not possible is there a better solution?
    • Create DVD - I use Encore for the actual DVD creation. Again, how can I make sure that I get as little quality loss as possible in this part of the process?

I’ve been doing video for some time now but all this makes me feel like a noob again. :confused:

Thanks for your time


1)/2) DVD Decrypter (in conjuction with AnyDVD for newer ARccOS titles) or DVDFab Decrypter; run DGIndex with the VOBs you want to edit which will create a D2V file and then make an AviSynth script (AVS) that frameserves the D2V file. You can open this AVS with any video editing software.

  1. Basically just a case of using a decent encoder with the most suitable settings, CCE SP is one of the better ones out there, HC is also good (and free) and is considered superior to CCE for low bitrate and interlaced content. You could also filter the video to improve it’s quality/compressibility by reducing any noise or artifacts.