How can I easily find my own posts?

I am also fairly new to the forum and really enjoy the competency of the members/mods/admin etc.

However, I find that I can’t locate my posts. In other forums that I am in I either click on my name at startup or go to the control panel.
Either action gives me the option to view my posts.
In this forum I am baffled. I can’t find out how to get to my posts.

I hope that someone will advise me of the process :bow:

Regards, and I hope that I have posted to the correct area.

Go to the orange bar at the top of the screen and look for the “User CP” link. That should do it.

I think that just shows ones with new posts. If you go to quick links on the tool bar and go to subcribed threads it should show them all.

Click your name, in the pulldown menu click “Find More Post by…”