How can i do to fix my Pioneer 112D?

Hi ppls, i just bought two 112D burners, with 1.09 Firmware, what happens is that one these, never burned any CD-R since i bought and other one could burn but could not read fine cds and dvds, so i upgraded one burner to last pioneer firmaware update 1.21, and it becomes fine, i tried the same to the other and it still keeps not burning any cd-r, finally i upgraded the two burners to 112D@112L TDB, now the burners keeps not buning any CD, have some way to fix this? With the last pioneer’s upgrade a had a less one burner working fine and right now i have no one, is possible to use the original firmware again?

When i try to reflash the burners the system shows me a message “target is not available”

Can someone help me? :frowning:

to get the drive back to 112D use the 1.15 firmware from TDB’S

I just reflash to TDB 112D 1.15, but i still cant update to the last pioneer’s firmware upgrade, could be possible to use the last original Bufallo’s firmware to go back burn cds?

you cannot do that unless you have original firmware flashed to your drive, it will not work if you have a patched firmware on it

Ok, so there is no way to reflash to original firmware?

use dvrflash & original firmware

i hold no responceability with your flashing

I tried to flash using the dvrflash and a get the message" invalid pioneer firmware", but i’m using the official firmware to try reflash, any idea what’s going on?

if memory serves me correctly the 112D can’t use dvrflash.

Right, the readme contains all that info.