How can I do this?



Right here is the problem I would like to listen to my MP3’s in school but my school has desabled windows media player and all other audio software, how can I listen to my MP3’s off my Flash pen with out installing softwaer and using windows media player and things like that.



If the audio driver/hardware is disabled, you surely cannot.

At least I know no way…


No the only thing I can not do is install new applications and run applications that need installing.


Check here to see if you find a portable mp3 player


You might want to try media player classic, it is only one file and should run off your flash drive, but I haven’t tried it.


CoolPlayer. It’s a great little MP3 player. Just one 600kB executable. :slight_smile:


Thanks all for you help, I can now listen to music, and work at the same time.