How can I create Boot-CD DOS (


I always created Boot Floopy Disk (format a:/s) to flash new bios

now I’d like to create Boot CD (equivalent Floopy Disc “format a:/s”) to start computer in DOS mode

how I can do that?

there I found image to burn in CD ( ,, but this is not in English

Can you help me?

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Sorry, but my english is not perfectly

wow !!!

big thanks for the quickly answer

aim to please, hope it helped you out.

You can also make a DOS BOOT CD-ROM. Just make a boot disk as Da_Taxman directed and then use Nero to create a Bootable CD-ROM. Its much faster and all new PC’s can boot off of a CD-ROM. You can even make the flash file on a bootable CD-ROM. So many options. It’s always fun to experiment.

I like this Firmware Flashing Bootdisk CD ISO Image: