How can i create a DVD with menu, presentation and chapters?



I have avi files and I want to create DVDs that you put into a dvd player and you get a menu and you can select scenes etc, like divide the file into about 10 or 15 parts as chapters and create a proper menu, thanks


There are several programs that are recommended for avi to dvd conversion. ConvertXtoDVD is a good commercial program, but one of the best ones is free, and is called AVStoDVD. AVStoDVD has two different mpeg2 encoders included. I prefer the HC encoder over Quenc.

AVStoDVD can create a dvd with a menu. It will also automatically make chapter points for you in the dvd. You can turn off auto chapter creation however and make your own if you wish. Menu creation within AVStoDVD is not really very sophisticated however, and I believe you can only create menu links to titles, not individual chapters within the dvd.

What you are really talking about are two different processes. The first is [B]conversion[/B] of avi video to mpeg2 that is compliant to dvd-video specifications. The second process is called [B]authoring[/B], and this puts the mpeg2 video and audio streams into the necessary form to play on a dvd player. If you need more control over the authoring step, it is possible to use a pure authoring program.

There are some free programs for authoring, like GUIforDVDAuthor, which should have more options in building your dvd-video. GUIforDVDAuthor requires separate video and audio streams that are already converted to dvd-video specifications. AVStoDVD can convert and output as separate streams if you wish to use it for that purpose.

When I need a more complex menu for a dvd, I use a rather expensive commercial program called DVDLab Pro. It can take mpeg2, dvd-video or separate streams as input.


i also use ConvertXtoDVD this will do all you have asked but you have to pay for it, it is not a ‘video editor’ so you cant cut the movie, but it will convert most video files to the dvd format and give you ‘menus’ and ‘chapters’.

i am not 100% sure but i think a similar program and for free is DVD FLICK, i have not used this so cant comment


Same here: ConvertXtodvd. It has been working flawlessly for years.