How can I copy scratched DVD's?

I have a DVD that jumps and cuts out completely when I play it. I want to make a backup of it, but DVD Decrypter just takes forever if I tick ‘ignore read errors’. Is there anyway I can just skip all errors?

I have Nero 6 Ultra, DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, Alcohol 120%, Pinnacle Instant Copy and ISObuster Pro.

Use IsoBuster, maybe?

I forgot to mention that the DVD in question is dual layered, so I need to use a program that can compress the video as well as skip the errors.

This maybe a stupid solution but why not just buy another copy of it?

I’ve had good luck with DVD-X Rescue but if the file is damaged beyond repair it’ll skip it. You can try the tooth paste trick…I dunno give DVD-X rescue a shot.

Because porn DVD’s aren’t cheap! This one in particular cost me £25 and I want to try and preserve it for as long as possible. Since owning this DVD, I have become rather close to Silvia Saint.

Thanks, I’ll try the toothpaste thing.

:smiley: I know exactly what you mean :smiley: I hope it works out for you.

see if there are any online dvd rental sites. I know here in the us there is one called maybe you could rent a copy and make a backup of that.

oooops! Do these site rent out hardcore porn though? I’m currently a member of ScreenSelect, which is an online rental site and the only porn they rent out is soft.

Netflix and whatnot don’t rent out hardcore porn :frowning:

You’re in a tight spot m8, though DVDs are dual layered (i.e. they are protected from top and bottom, where as CDs is only the bottom) so you can try one of those scratch remover cleaners. And check ebay maybe they have a used copy for a cheaper price, check both .com and

What’s the “toothpaste thing” r u talkin about ? Putting toothpaste on your DVD’s layer 1 and try reading it ? Sounds amazing :smiley:

And check ebay maybe they have a used copy for a cheaper price, check both .com and

Oops! Dunno if eBay sells pr0n too! :bigsmile:

If you want an online shop that sells pr0n, check h××p:// ! (× = t)

I found an online auction site that has a shed load of hardcore amongst its listings. Very cheap too. £1 each DVD. allow their sellers to sell hardcore porn as long as you’re over 18 and all that.

I tried the toothpaste trick and it didn’t really work. There’s lots of scratches on the disc. It wouldn’t be so bad if the disc was single layered - I could use the fast error skip in Alcohol 120%. It’s dual layered, so I’m knackered as far as this particular DVD’s concerned. No matter though, as I’m well chuffed I found this QXL site.

Here…h*tp:// and you get a 14 day free trail…

ok, why not use anydvd to remove the protection, then use alcohol 120% to copy it to the hard drive and skip the errors, then mount on a virtual drive and use dvd shrink to compress it.

hope this helps,

ben :slight_smile:

Have you tried the DiscDoctor? I suppose it does the same as the toothpaste, as it is an abrasive device to polish the surface. I have found it invaluable.

Regards Silvia Saint, a quick search on the eD2k network found over 300 hits in .avi or .mpg format…

I have only tried toothpaste so far and it didn’t work. I think the disc was too damaged.

I don’t need to download though because I found At £1 per hardcore movie, you can’t go wrong. Besides, watch what you say about downloading movies or you’ll get some hypocrite preaching the rules of the forum.