How can I copy-protect a CD or a DVD?

Hi guys, I just wanted to know how can I copy-protect a CD or DVD? Is there a program that does all the work automatically or is there any other method?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I’m not an expert in this stuff, but I can say that there is no “universal” method or tool. Different discs has different protections, and then different tools must be used.

What do you want to do exactly? More detailed information are needed to get some help :slight_smile:

Well for example if I burned an audio CD I don’t want people to copy it… :smiley:

Sony is desperately trying to find the same tool, but with no avail until now (luckily for end-consumers ;)).

Any copy protection system can be broken in some way.

Yeah I know but my the people I know or the people in my family are not that smart… If they wanted to copy a CD or a DVD they will just insert the CD in the computer open Nero and click on copy CD I don’t think they know how to break an encryption LOL :smiley: I heard of an application called FreeLock or something like that I just want a program that does not allow people to directly copy a disk :slight_smile:

As I said I’m not an expert in this stuff :frowning:

I don’t know if a password-protected audio disc is still readable by a standalone player. Certainly a strong encryption can do the work very well, but then only you with a computer will be able to read the disc, and if you forget the password all data are lost :doh:

Haha… Well I think I’ll just wait for other people to answer and maybe I can find a program :slight_smile: thanks.


Perhaps while you are waiting you’d like to use the ‘Search’ tool. If you do, you’ll probably discover the general consensus is ‘you can’t really copy protect anything’…:flower:

I’ve heard home-made CSS protection on dvds should be available soon, but it will require special writers and media. It’s not really a copy-protection, because everyone with a dvd burner installed AnyDVD years ago…

For AudioCDs, maybe it may is possible to “rip” the copy protection from an original disc and burn it as CD-Extra to a custom compilation ?

Thread moved and this has been discussed here many times use the search function as already mentioned.


i have a software dvd and want to know how i can copy protect this. A basic home one would do. Been going through forum and have used cd shield but no luck. if anyone can let me know hoe to do this it would be great something esay to use.

currently i have saved these files as iso fromat

Thanks again

Thread’s merged deraz as you basically got the same problem. Maybe TZ will help you which is for CDs


can somebody telll me how to use tzcopy. its in a different lang cant understand. the basic process would be great. got exe files on my image


guys guys guys…

spare me a minute.

i would like you to point your browsers to [B][/B] maybe the tool i got there will somehow help you PROTECT your DVD/CD… who knows???

you might get lucky!

sony and the big guns cant cheat like we can,what i did to stop copying my dvd was first i down loaded a video file that had macrovision on it,cut off 30 seconds off the front of the file with editing software,put a fifteen second dummy file on first followed by the macro file,followed by you stuff then when you have written the disc,scratch it at the begining (i used the plastic that they put on the bottom of a tub of disc and drilled a tiny hole in it. put something sharp in it and put the disc between the plastic you have drilled and the the thing the discs sit on when you buy the discs,and run the sharp implement over the disc )if you try to copy through the pc it wont read and if they try to copy in real time the macrovision stops it,you may have to practice on a few but it worked for me.