How can i copy dvd to hd and play it

I’m dazed and confused…

problem - due to space limitations (I live in an 18wheeler)…i want to copy my movies (regaurdless of the type of copyb protection) onto a hard drive then (at any time) watch them by accessing them from the harddrive.

current tools =dvdfab and virtualdrive

please excuss mis-spellings as; its hard to type inn a bouncing truck

remove protection:

copy dvd:

run anydvd while using copy2dvd

Since you already using fab and virtual drive, all you need to do is save as an ISO then mount and play with the virtual drive. If you are using the free version of fab you can save space by shrinking the files to something smaller with DVD SHRINK also free. Look here for more info:

Do you have a program capable of playing dvds on your computer? You don’t say which operating system you are using, but if it is XP, you’ll need a third party program like WinDVD or PowerDVD to play back the video.

There are a couple of free media players that can handle dvds also. VLC

Media Player Classic