How can I copy"Director" commentaries

Gday All, I own Magic Dvd Ripper and would like to know if anyone has used it as I can not get it to rip the commentaries. It sees the second copy of the show ( Am trying to rip a couple of the old Superman boxsets I have), But copies it as a duplicate of the non-commentary version. I have quite a few sets with these type of episodes on them and would like to have both versions on the hard drive as I am using a wireless set-up to play them through My PS3 in the loungeroom. Cheers

I don’t know about Magic DVD Ripper, sorry. But I’ll tell you how I get additional audio tracks:

I use DVDfab Platinum (free to try).
Use the DVD to Mobile option, with the Generic Profile.
Select the audio track that you want, click Next.
In the Conversion Settings, at the top drop down menu, select an option with mp3 as the audio and (at the bottom) adjust the bit rate to 192 or higher depending on your preference.
Select Audio Only and press OK to close the Conversion Settings window.
Click Next, and then Start. That is it.

Inside the output folder, there should be a standalone .mp3 file of the commentary track you want.

You said you already had the video file rip with the standard audio track. Google search, download, and install a free program called mkvMerge. It looks complicated but for this it is very very simple. Just add both the video file and the corresponding mp3 file, slightly change the output file name at the bottom, hit the Mux button (Mux is the professional term for adding video and audio files together, muxing). The output should be your original video file with the standard audio but now also having the second audio track which you can select when you want to listen to the commentary.