How can I copy Counterstrike Condition zero

Hello everyone,

I am new to getting through copy protection, and i recently lost my original discs for cs cz. I did however make a backup with clone cd, and both cds are sitting in image files on my hard drive. I was wondering how i could go about and burn them. I thought of just copying the raw image file to a cd, and using daemon tools to install it then get a no-cd patch to play it, but i found the ccd image is about 750MB, more than can fit on a 700MB cd. I heard of people just plain burning it and it worked, but i’ve never seen for myself if this is true, plus i don’t want to wreck too many blank cd’s , as my supply here is running a little short. How can I burn the game so that it can at least install off the cd? I don’t really care for needing the cd to play it, as i already have a no-cd patch (I really hate when my dvd drive starts whirring at full speed in the middle of a game), I just want to be able to get it to install off the cd, cause this image file is taking up quite a bit of space.

                                                                       - Thanks in advance

If you have CloneCD you can burn it back from the image file (dont worry about it being bigger, that is the extra data in the image file, not what will be burned). It will work fine to install from, but wont play from the disc.

I would consider using the BWA/Twinpeak method to make a CD you can play from, as No-CD cracks are illegal, and I dont think you can play online on normal serevrs with them.

Ben :slight_smile: