How can i copy 30 seconds of each track on a cd

Does anyone know a way to configure some software to copy the first 30 seconds of all the songs on a music cd to my computer? I want to do this to 8 of my music CDs so doing it one file at a time would take too long. I’m trying to make .wav files mp3 is not needed.

Thanks for any help.

I don’t think you can do it with the recording software. You have to slice the music with the Nero Wave editor or some other wave editing program.

I’m just looking to stick files on harddrive for now. Maybe cdex or EAC software can do thins? Maybe a dos program with a batch file?

I have never tried it but seen this option in AudioCatalyst. It can rip specific parts of a wav by setting offsets in the settings area of the software. Of course, you would need to burn all of your wav’s to a cd in full first to then be able to rip them with the software. It would still be faster than doing them individually.

I have my entire mp3 collection ‘cataloged’ like this with EAC, with 10 sec. ‘snips’

exactaudiocopy does it.