How can I convert WMV's to AVI's or MPEG's?

I have TMPGEnc Asf Tools 3.1 and Nero OEM Enterprise edition but none will convert it the way I want. TMPGEnc just doesn’t give me that option, I looked everywhere. When I try Asf Tools to convert it, I hit start, it gets 13kb done and freezes. IS there any other way to convert them? I searched but didn’t find what I needed.


For conversion between avis and wmv’s(to and fro) there is a decent freeware tool called Stoik Video Converter(Google for it). For conversion between wmv’s to mpegs,what you could do is a 2 step conversion process, Use Stoik tyo convert to avi and then use the tons of stuff available to convert the avi to mpegs(google for them).

By the way if you got money to burn then there are several tools available like Tmpgenc Plus to convert to mpegs from any format but for these proggies to recognise Wmvs as a valid input file you will probably require a plugin(like avisynth is a Tmpgenc plugin to recognise avis).

There must be other freewares available that do the same but they too will require plugins.(Google for them)

Hope this helps.

PS. Dont know of anything that does both. Sorry.


Sorry but thats Readavs.dll which is the Plugin which Tmpgenc uses to read avis and avisynth plugin is to read the avisynth script.

As far as some software which does everything, I am not aware of anything which does everything. But there must be.

Hope this helps.

Might Windows Movie Maker do the job for you?
Probably very limited in the options available but it might work , never tried it myself though.


TimC Windows Movie Maker gives only Windows Media(wmv) as output. And that is NOT what 95PGT wants.

PS: TimC, you can check the output that WMM makes and see the HElp too.

Canopus Procoder will do it, but it is not cheap. Canopus offers an Express version which will work too.
You might be able to use DebugModes Frameserver program (much like avisynth) to open the wmv’s in your mpeg encoder.