How can I convert protected wmv to mp4?



Hi, I’m new here. What I need is to try to help me in finding an easy way to convert my protected wmv to mp4 in order to put them on my iphone. This is a new domain for me, my sister gave me an iphone as a present, so I’m not so familiar with those things, never used an iphone, never used a tool to convert my wmvs to other format, so please, whatever you want to suggest me, be as much explicit as possible.
Thank you very much and any help is appreciated…:iagree:


You can try this freeware –

Tunebite is a commercial app –


Thank you, Whappo, for your prompt answer, I have tried both of them. I had some problems with that freeware fairuse when installing it, it didn’t install correctly and I needed to unistall it and reinstall it. Finally it did install but I couldn’t manage to convert my wmv files properly, meaning after conversion I had a green vertical line on the videos.
Meanwhile I have tried also Tunebite, of course it’s free version which only allowed me to convert just 1 min from a file. But with this one didn’t have any problem, I followed all the steps in installation and then when I started it immediately detected my protected files from pc. Too bad this one is a paid one but I’ll playing with it around and download some music and see how it really works. Maybe I’ll buy the paid one.
Too bad that free fairuse didn’t work, as I said I need something easy to use and not too complicated, for me this one begun to be complicated in the moment it didn’t installed properly but it crossed my mind to unistall it and try again.
Anyway thank you a lot


Hello, I just stumbled upon this thread, can you please tell me if this Tunebite can also convert protected wmv to dvd formats? Cause I have some wmvs and I’d like to play them on my dvd player and now I’m looking for a tool which can convert those wmv to dvd. Also, if yes, can you please tell me if it’s easy to use as I don’t want some complicated tools which I don’t know not even how to start it…:smiley:


FairUse4WM no longer works with newer WMV like Amazon, unless you follow fairly detailed system configuration steps for using WMP-10. With older WMV that was based on WMP-10, it’s still good. Note that you must have the protection keys present to validate playback.

Tunebite will transcode and doesn’t always do a great job of it, so it’s better if you can 1st remove the protection then re-encode in a better tool.


I don’t know about FairUse as for me didn’t work well and I finally bought Tunebite Converter which worked with any problem, it’s true that when I converted my protected wmv to mp4 the speed is a little slower than if you want to download videos from youtube and convert them to the formats you want. But regarding the quality of the files, they are pretty nice, no line, no other problems. In the beginning was a little strange to me but after playing around with it I realized that it’s not so hard to use.
And it can convert your protected wmv to dvd formats, I didn’t try for myself as I don’t need it but I saw in its supported formats that it can convert those formats. There are also listed on its website, I found a link for you here
Anyway, I’ll stay with it as it has many useful features.
Thanks for your helpful suggestion.


Thank you a lot for this useful information, I have tried its free version too and it seems it has some good and useful features. Of course I didn’t convert my wmv to dvd as it’s limited to one min recording but for downloading youtube videos and convert them to any video format is great. I just tried it to see how it really works and how is the quality of the converted files.
Anyway, if I don’t find a good and free tool which convert protected wmv to dvd formats, I guess I’ll buy Tunebite too.
Thank you a lot…:wink: