How can I convert from quicktime/avi format to dvd format



I am not sure if this is the right forum, this is urgent and I need your help. I am trying to record short movies on my digital camera. The digital camera records in quicktime or avi mode. After I upload it to the computer, can I copy the movie to dvd format to watch on a dvd player? Which program can I use? I have nero and windows movie maker.

I’m trying to use the digital camera for now until I get a digital camcorder. My last digital camcorder gave up on me and I lost all the footage of my baby boy for the past 2+ months :sad:. Now I’m trying to make do with the camera till I get the camcorder.

I am new at this, any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.



nerovision express in make dvd video mode - add files . . .


When you say nerovision express, is this included in Nero6 ultra edition?


Nero 6 Reloaded

Update-Package 2


Or dvdSanta…


I have nerovision, should I now do the following:

  1. attach the camera to the computer
  2. open nerovision and select capture video to hard drive
  3. select make dvd to make the transfer :confused:


attach the camera to the computer
make dvd


You can use winavi video convert to easily convert your mov or avi file on your PC to DVD format and then burn.
Btw, you can find the program from