How can I clean private data of DVD R



I was wondering is the a way to put it through the burner so it cant be read


By using a new PLEXTOR DVD burner you’d make the content unreadable, otherwise just destroy the media using a microwave or a hammer or…


I was wondering is the a way to put it through the burner so it cant be read
If i’ve understood correctly you want to make it so your DVD Rs cannot be read :confused:

May seem a silly reply but, if they can’t be read they are useless therefore you could just cut them in half and chuck in the bin.

Edit - chef was quicker :bow:


I’m wondering why someone would want DVDs that can’t be read?

Could be a silly question, but I thought I’d ask…:bigsmile:


I meant “PlexEraser”.


I’m wondering why someone would want DVDs that can’t be read?
Perhaps the word ‘private’ is a clue. :eek:


Or a wordplay… :wink: Who knows?


Just use Ritek DVDs. They are the privacy kings. :slight_smile:


LOL @ you and chef (PlexEraser…bwahahahaha) :bigsmile:

It is an odd question, though!


Next time, put your “private” data on a DVD-/+RW, then you can erase them as needed. Won’t help this time, but might in future :wink:


Take an exacto knife, and wedge in between the 2 pieces of polycarbonate at the hub. From there, you can “unglue” the whole disc, and the dye oxidizes. :slight_smile:


buck hit the nail on the head

u can burn them, althou thats not always legal in every country, be careful if you do for the fumes, u can always buy a cd/dvd sherder


Why not just snap it in half?


“Snap it in half” or “use a Ritek” will do the job [B]fcol[/B]! rotflol!


Why is it so funny? :confused:


Just sounded so weird, I thought it was a joke…until I found out it was real :eek:


Bad idea. When those things snap they shatter and lots of little sharp points of plastic go flying at very high speeds. You don’t want one of those in your eye


Inside a plastic bag? still rotflol


I have allot paswords and other things on it and i need to make a new one with DVD RW and toss the old one in the trash.

I broke one in half before, warning if you do this where safety glasses and gloves have fun.

Microwave idea was fun, also faster than 1/2 second worked SWEET :clap:

I only need to do one, it was so fast i wanted to see it again so i pulled some coasters out of the trash to give it another go, wow cool colors.

I was just originally wondering if there was a program that will bypass and zero out a plane DVD+R but the microwave idea sounded fun.

I hate cutting them in half it’s a pain


[B]1. [/B]Take a piece of abrasive paper, put in on a flat surface with the abrasive side upwards, put your disc on it, press the disc with your palm, and draw circular movements so to create [I]concentric[/I] deep scratches. Radial scratches won’t necessarily do the trick, they must be concentric.
In case you want to check, afterwards, that the disc is indeed unreadable, don’t forget to clean it thouroughly to avoid damage to your drive! :wink:

[B]2. [/B]Take a very small screwdriver, or a sharp knife, and try inserting it at the edge of the disc, between the two polycarbonate layers. Most discs will split in two halves rather easily. Easier with TY and MXL discs, more difficult with MCC, almost impossible task with Ritek.


I would have but i just finished testing 5 diffrent new drives so i could have the perfect DVD DL, DVD RW and CD burner that i did not have before, so no matter what media i purchase or what i want to scan or burn it will work without substitution or failure.