How can I change write strategy with BYX3?

How can I change write strategy with BYX3? Omnipatcher doen’t read media table well. Is there another way to do this?


with MCSE:

I am not able to change write strategi with MCSE, i can add only the write speed but no the strategy. How can I do? :sad:

you must rename the original disc strategy to anything you want and then name the new strategy you want to use exactly like the one you renamed. example:

you want to burn mcc003 @mcc004, what to do:

load firmware into mcse.
rename mcc003 to mcx003 (or like you want)
then rename the mcc004 to mcc003
save the patched firmware and apply it.

I understand but i want to do something more complicate.
I would write Plasmon1A at 8X with write strategy of FUJIFILM03 but i would hold Plasmon1A at 4X with the write strategy that is in the firmware by default that work fine.
Is it possible?

that’s not possible.
but why write @4x when 8x works good?