How can I change "booktype"

in looking into my problem with DL discs I saw the suggestion of changing booktype to ROM. Can someone tell me where to make that change please?

Looks like a code of 0000 but I have not found where to specify.


Once again you need to provide a lot more information. We need to know the burner and the type of DL discs you’re using. On -R DL discs, it is not possible to position the layer break or change the booktype. On +R DL discs that is possible depending on your burner. LiteOn provides a tool for doing that, but, a lot of burners these days default to burning DL discs as DVD-ROM booktype. CloneDVD, which you said you were using in your other thread, will burn at the burner’s default booktype for whatever media you’re burning.

Nero changes the booktype as well as Booktype Management 8.4 (depending on your burner). As stated above, Lite-on also has a tool.

Samuri thanks for the help:
I’m using +R DL discs - Memorex ( i know they are not so great)

NEC dvd ± RW ND-3530A drive
Pioneer Elite player DV 09 - 5 yrs old

I am using DVD clone to copy and burn along with anydvd.

Slipangle -

Look at the Liggy’s 3.01 Bitsetting Firmware in the below link.


Bitsetting that media is not going to help much, I’m afraid. Memorex is a crapshoot as to what you actually get. They buy their media from the cheapest places. Most likely it’s actually Ritek media in which case, good luck. That is almost certainly your issue with playback. On the best of days cheap media will cause you problems. I have to HIGHLY recommend that you spend a little extra and get Verbatim +R DL media if you plan on burning DL discs. Also BeLooken’s advice for bitsetting firmware for your NEC drive is very good. Dee and Liggy are legendary in the NEC world for their extremely impressive firmware. Not only will you be able to bitset(most likely…NEC is picky about that), but, you’ll probably be able to rip faster and generally have better support for media. (Not Memorex…lol)

sounds like i need to learn how to do the bitsetting. i looked at the site referenced above and saw the firmware downloads but i’m not very technical so haven’t tried anything yet as I don’t want to screw up. i’ll definitely move to better discs as well.

if anyone can give me a headstart on how to change the firmware on my drive maybe i can get it done. thanks again.

Well, it’s not a really appropriate discussion for this forum. If you need help flashing the drive, I highly recommend posting in the NEC forum as there are plenty of experts there that can assist you. Dee and Liggy have a program that you can use that’ll flash the drive from within windows. It’s a fairly straightforward process, but, as with all things, there is a risk and will technically void your warranty. Nonetheless, I flash ALL my drives with modified firmware and have never had a problem. I have 6 drives currently in use that have all been flashed. All are working perfectly.

i’ll look for help elsewhere either from dee and liggy or on another forum for nec.

Click on the link provided by BeLooken. On the left side of the screen (towards the bottom) is a link to the documentation which is labeled “How to Flash”. I did it and it works but beware - it will void your warranty on the drive.