How can I change audio track in mpeg?

I have some music videos with real bad audio tracks. Is it possible to use a different audio track in a mpeg? I can extract video with TMPGEnc and I have the same songs in wave and or mp3. Can I combine one of those tracks to a extracted video and set it up so that it is in sync?

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It depends on what you want to do with the MPEG’s (PC play only or CD/DVD playback) and if they are MPEG1’s or MPEG2’s (or even if SVCD’s).

For PC MPEG2 playback you can mux in WAV, MP2 or AC3, dont attempt MP3. If they are MPEG1, then convert your good WAV file to MP2 (at 44.1khz) with BeSweetGUI and mux it in.

Just about all DVD Players will only play a VCD (MPEG1) or SVCD(MPEG2) with MP2 audio, anything else doesnt work. Even players that can play RAW mpeg file still dont seam to like AC3 in them, only MP2.