How can i change an iso back to video_ts format

hi there i am new to this dvd forum and i was wondering if it is possible to change an iso image back to video_ts format and what program would you reccommend

Normally you burn an iso file to a disk using something like nero or DVD Decrypter, not sure how to turn the files back to Video_ts without burning, although some bright spark will no doubt help us both out on that if we wait :slight_smile:

thanks i know that you burn iso just thought there might be a way to convert it back to video_ts format thanks anyway

You might be able to load the ISO image into DVD Decryptor and have it output it in File mode (into a VIDEO_TS folder with the VOB files, etc…).

Not 100% sure though.

There is a program called undisker that can do this for you.

thanks very much i will give it a try,thanks for the link


If you have a virtual drive (like in Nero), just mount your iso file on the virtual drive. Assuming the file is a movie of some kind, the video_ts file will be on the virtual drive and you can copy it anywhere you want. IsoMagic and IsoBuster are programs to open and modify iso files so you can accomplish the same thing.

I mount the .iso in Daemon Tools, then extract the files with Dvd Decrypter. By doing it this way, it removes all the restrictions (for example, can’t skip FBI warnings). Once you get the .iso in file mode, you can use tools like vobblanker and ifoedit to reduce size before shrinking. If you use these tools to remove trailers, etc; you get better compression on the main movie.

thanks very much for your help

As above, isobuster or Winiso

WinRAR can open a .ISO image as if it were an archive. From there, I think you could “extract” the contents of the disc image.

Funny, NRen2k5’s answer was the simplest and most efficient.

I was going to download the others, but saw this one last and tried it, works a treat!

Unrar and then just copy, piece of p*ss :slight_smile:

I find it more FUNNY and also questionable that you dare to revive an 6 years old thread…

Wow, ok, I didn’t realise it was from 2005. I was googling around to try to open these dvd ISO files that I had, and found this site to be the only useful one. So I signed up to purely show my gratitude.

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Nah, we leave threads open for just that reason. New solutions come along and an update is always good. Thanx.

OlyTeddy, you’re alll-right!

Windows copy & paste doesn’t always produce a video that works well. So you might watch for artifacts in the video.
ImgBurn should be able to burn the .iso to disc .
DVDFab the free after trial version will write the .iso to your hard drive as DVD folders.
DVDShrink will to .
So will some other software .
I think you will find that this will work better in the long run.

I just mount mine in Virtual Clone Drive.