How can i capture video from my Sony handycam video 8 using composite?

Hello I have a Sony Handycam CCD-TR502E, Video 8 (not hi8)
with a video out and an audio out.

Can someone please tell me how to capture my old tapes to the computer.

I know it is possible, cause I did it once before using Composite for my video and normal input for audio.
I did it even on a old windows movie maker version, I think service pack 1.

But now, I can’t capture anymore.
No program see’s there’s a connecting between my cam and pc using composite…

I hope that someone please can help me, I would be very pleased (:


No program see’s there’s a connecting between my cam and pc using composite…

Hi darkpesco, it looks like you have a connection between your Handycam and computer but need software to recognize and capture the recording. If this is correct, what are the composite cables connected to?

Yes you are right, my yellow cable (video) is connected to composite in, and my black cable(audio) is connected to line in.

Whether you have a USB capture device or a capture card, since it worked once, you must have installed the software at that time. Look at your list of programs and see if you have a title from ATI, Pinnacle (Razzle), ULead or any other company where the program sub-menus looks like it might do what you want it to do. Post the program(s) listed and we can go from there.

If you deleted the installed program(s) that came with your hardware, hopefully, you saved the original disc. If so, reinstall.

Once you have that program started, you’ll need to use that software to capture from your Sony. The capture should be straightforward once you get it going.

Do you know if its possible using a cinch cable to s-video and then try capturing?

I think it could capture using composite + I can hear the audio of my video outside my pc-speakers.

I just can’t select the option composite in any program, thats the biggest problem I think…

And thanks alot for your help (:

In your capture software, you need to select the source as WDM. For your audio you need to select your line in on your sound card.

Best Harley2ride

Could you please explain me how to select my source as WDM and with which program… cause the problem is I never can select video input source (i can select audio input source)
Im sorry that i don’t know how to…


In all my capturing softwares there are OPTIONS or PREFERENCES tabs that offer various option settings. I have used VirtualVCR, Vegas 5, Adobe Premiere Elements, Ulead Video Studio 6.

most of the time that option then, is greyed out…
but I shall try borrowing one of those programms (:

If the option is greyed out, you either don’t have the full version of the software, or you have some sort of problem.

I think I have some sort of problem because I only installed bought programs to test.

So can you help?