How can I Burn .Wav + .mp3 on same CD

Dear All,
Can some one please let me know how can I burn a mixture of .Wav and .mp3 on a CD. I have Nero 8, it can either burn .Wav in -Audio CD Mode OR .mp3 in -> Jukebox CD mode, BUT can NOT burn a mixture of both.
I tried using “Burn Data Disc” option, But , .Wav files were left out and only .mp3 were burned. Kindly Help.


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Try with ImgBurn in Build mode. Simply drag all files you want burn on a disc in the main window and then press the start button (after inserting a blank disc in the drive of course :p)

Hi Geno,
I have already tried this from windows XP / Vista.I can play such CD (burned from XP / Vista) in a music system, but not on my Car Stereo.

The only successful way is to Burn a Playlist played on Windows Media Player…It works sometimes, not always.


You can also try [I]Mixed Mode CD[/I] in nero.

It would help to know whether you want the resulting CD to contain a bunch of files (a mix of WAV and MP3 files), or be an Audio CD compatible with all CD players, or a combination that contains tracks that can be played in any CD player plus files that can be read in a computer.

The answer depends entirely on what you want to achieve.

Hi DrageMester,
I want the resulting CD to contain a bunch of files (a mix of WAV and MP3 files).

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From the nero 8 manual:

Mixed Mode CD
Creates a CD with data and audio files in a single session.
Usually a data file is followed by one or more audio files for
instance (e.g. soundtrack for PC games).
Older Audio CD players are often not capable of recognizing
the data file as such and attempt to play it.

Creates a multisession CD with audio and data files that are
stored in two sessions. The first session contains the audio
files and the second session the data.
Common CD players play the first session as audio CDs. Th
second session can only be used by PCs with a CD-ROM
drive, it cannot be ‘seen’ by a normal CD player.

I’m fairly sure Nero 8 can burn a data CD containing both WAV and MP3 files, but I cannot tell you how, since I’m still on Nero 6.

You could follow [B]geno888[/B]'s advice above and do it with Build Mode in the free ImgBurn program instead.

Thanks for the suggestions.