How can I burn very long filenames?



How can I burn really long filenames to a CD?

One of my clients works for a law firm. They put case data in .rar files with 100+ character filenames. Those filenames need to be that long because they contain case-identifying information that they use when searching their database of .rar files. However, they also burn these .rar files to CD, but the filenames get broken because they are too long.

I told my client to put the files in the base directory of the CD, to shorten the path name. What else can I tell him? What other settings can be changed to allow the longest possible filename? Is there software that can achieve this more effectively than Nero?

Many thanks!

P.S. Would it help if I had my client burn these files to DVD instead?


I’m not sure how much you can control the filesystem options for name lengths in recent versions of Nero.

In Nero Burning ROM 6.6 you can choose the ISO 9660:1999 filesystem, which should support names up to 207 characters. Perhaps this is also possible in later Nero versions?

Using the Build mode of ImgBurn (Freeware) you can choose ISO 9660 Level X with 219 character filenames.

Such CDs might not work correctly on older and non-Windows operating systems.

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In addition to what DrageMester said:

Here’s a link to an outside website which might help, too:

If you get to try ImgBurn, and find it might do what you want it to do, but are not sure how to do a certain setting, feel free to come back and ask in this thread. :wink:


Awesome. I looked at ImgBurn and see how to do it. Thanks for your prompt replies!