How can I burn two CDs at once?

Dear all,
I have installed two DVD/WR drives in my machine. Now I want to burn two copies of CD or DVDs at once. But I can not do this. Help me… How is it possible?

Use ImgBurn. It is a free burning program, found here: You can have multiple windows of this program running at once.

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I agree with Kerry56’s suggestion :iagree:

To avoid frequent interventions of burning underrun mechanisms is better if you have also two separate hard disks, so you can burn each CD taking data from a separate disk.

If you use only a single hard disk, then is better to use the lowest burning speed allowed for that specific CD :slight_smile:

Higher speeds shouldn’t be a problem with CD at all, unless the computer was borrowed from a museum. DVD is somewhat different, but 2x @4x or even 8x should work with most desktop computers that have been built in the last five years.

Another problem is often the software. Either run two instances of Imgburn (each doing its own job), or use the full retail version of Nerö (somewhat pricey).