How can i burn this as an actual DVD?

Hi, I recently got the X-files from a friend who ripped them to dvds for me. The way he ripped them seperated each episode into different files. The episode itself is a .avi, then there is two, a .idx, a and a .sub file. i want to burn them as a normal dvd would be. like a menu and everything, how can i do that? What program is the best, and if there is a free one, how easy is it to use for a newb?

You should invest in a player that plays avi’s, Walmart sells a Philips DVD player that plays avi’s for under $40. As for ur original question, if I need to convert avi’s to vob, I personally use VSO ConvertXtoDVD.

There’s also FAVC or DVDFlick for free…

in my opinion if you play XviD (.avi) files i would highly recommend a XBox 1 console as it can do lots of cool stuff that a stand alone player cannot like streaming video from the pc’s hard drive to the xbox (running XBMC) and play it on the tv. (you need a router though to do that but those are cheap enough to where it’s easily worth getting a router. but in my opinion if you get a router i would try finding one that can run third party firmware on it like DD-WRT etc)

but i guess if you prefer the typical remote control etc you might not like the XBox1 route… but im using a wireless controller for mine and once you learn how to use it… it’s pretty much just as good as using a standard remote control… and XBox1 aint as picky with video files either like stand alone players are from what i heard about you cant use XviD files encoded with Quarter Pixel etc etc settings… where with XBMC it will ‘just work’ :wink: … but basically the XBox console running XBMC (XBox Media Center) can play pretty much any video format a PC can play besides High Def stuff cause of CPU limitations.

p.s. to mod the xbox system to play XBMC though is totally free if you know how to do it. (i.e. using XBoxHDM + nDure etc) … but you have to open the system and basically plug it into PC temporarily to change files on the xbox’s hard drive to get it do do the ‘fancy stuff’.

[QUOTE=lord_dark_helmet131;2126467]Hi, I recently got the X-files from a friend who ripped them to dvds for me.[/QUOTE]Sorry, but we can’t help you with ripped commercial DVDs that you don’t own. The rules are here for a general reminder.

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