How can I burn these files to CD?

I have an ISO file that I wish to burn to a CD. I also want to add some additional files, but want to keep them separate from the ISO itself. I have Nero but there’s either a choice of “Burn an Image” or “Burn files”.

I could do it as a Multisession, and burn the files separately but, if possible, I want to burn it in one session. Is there an application that can do this?

You need ISO Buster, Ultra ISO or something like that to insert the files into the ISO. I think ISO buster is what I used last time I had to do that. Not sure Ultraiso does it.
You can’t burn the iso then add more later. You have to inset the files into the iso then burn.

Ultra ISO will let you ‘insert files’ to the ISO … but it outputs a new ISO. ISO Buster is mainly for extracting / viewing ISO’s, I believe.

@ cdmj:

If all you’re wanting is to burn a CD with the .iso file and some additional files, just burn a DATA Disc. Then, the problem’s solved.

I did it, as suggested, by adding the additional files in UltraISO. I like UltraISO’s facility of creating a ‘Checksum’ to verifiy the CD after burning. Nero doesn’t have the option to ‘Verify data on disc after burning’ for image files. (not in my version anyway).

Thanks for your advice everyone. :bow:

glad you got it fixed. i was about to reply something else. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you need magiciso, it can let you add files into iso image and burn it to cd on-the-fly. It also supports multisession burning.