How can I burn my 99m CD and will it be compatible with audio players?


Can i burn my 99m cd with any kind of ware. Pls tell me as the following listed below recognizes them as only 700mb and multi session cant be done to fill the balance!

any comments welcome!

I have the foll:

Alcohol 1.31 and nero

you have to use the nero overburning feature putting 100minute as max overburn (or any value greater than 100)

How do i do that dabar do i go to regedit? or the software and where abt is it thankx

I don’t think any CD software will detect any CD larger than 80 minutes/700MB. In order to write more than 700MB/80min on 99min CD, you need to enable ‘Overburning’ on the Advanced settings on Nero and set the overburn time to 99 minutes. Nero help will explain how to overburn a CD.

After that, you need to create a new CD using the ‘No Multisession’, Disc-at-once option. 99 minute CDs don’t support multisession unless you don’t plan on using more than 80 minutes of the CD. Select the contents you wish to put on the CD up to tge 99min mark or about 870MB (I’m not sure about the data size, I just calculated this).

Finally, click burn select the speed and make sure ‘Disc at once’ is selected. Finally confirm and when Nero complains that the disc is not large enough, wait about 5 seconds for another screen to appear to ignore the warning and continue.

Unfortuantely, some CD Burners will not burn beyond 80, 90 or 96 minutes, so it’s basically trial & error to see how much you can fit on the CD should it fail. :wink:

thanx byrne but is it safe nero says do it at ur own risk

also will i burn my writer out i dont care abt cd’s also can it detect true 90mnts on an external hifi device?

tell me how safe this is?


My drives still work after I tried overburning. Apparently the author of Feurio! only once encountered a drive which didn’t survive an overburning session… so I would say that your chances are rather low in killing your burner. But: do it at your own risk.


I haven’t heard of Hi-Fis not playing beyond the 80 minute mark of a CD. The only problems I came across on the web are that some older CD players have difficulty reading the thinner tracks on a 90/99 minute CD and even heard of one old CD player refusing to play CDs larger than the original specification, i.e. 74 minutes.

The main risk there was of overburning is pushing the lens beyond the edge of the CD. Most CD-Burners, especially those within the last few years have no problem with this. Normally, what would happen is that the laser would reach the end of the CD and thus the recording track comes to an end. My Liteon will keep trying to continue for a few minutes before giving up! If this happens during the leadout, then Nero will say that the CD has failed, but it will normally still be fully readable all the data has been written, but if the CD edge reaches before the leadout is about to be written, then you’ve got a coaster. As Nero detects 99 minute CDs as 80 minute CDs, it assumes you are trying to overburn a 80 minute CD and thus gives all the warnings about overburning.

Here’s a link with overburning and compatible drives for Nero. For what I can see, if you have a Liteon drive, you should have no problem overburning to 99 minutes on a 99 minute CD: :wink:

as for the issue of reading compatibility, I have an old laserdisc player from the late 80’s that can read all the way up to 99:59 for sure, i haven’t tested it out with my 101 minute cd though.

It’s all about making 99 minute audio CD’s with Nero.

As stated above, they play in almost every cd player out there, even my Sony Discman (portable).