How can i burn mp3's onto a cd-r?

As the topic says, how can I burn mp3’s onto a cd-r that can be played on any ordinary cd player (like ones in cars)? Do I need special decoders to convert mp3 to some other format?

MusicMatch Jukebox or iTunes are what I use, but there are others that will do it as well. Now, when you burn mp3s to a cd-r the songs are “expanded” back to their original file size so you’ll only get 80 minutes of music on an 80 minute cd. A player that will handle mp3 discs (and some cars have them now or they can be added after market) will give you a lot more music per cd.

Burrrn ( which is free & very simple to use will take mp3s, along with loads of other formats & burn you an Audio CD.

Or just take Nero

Don’t forget to burn it slow.

oh, I have Nero 7 Ultra.

so i will just go into Nero and burn the mp3’s onto the cd? Sounds a bit too easy… anyways, thanks for the help.

When you use NERO just remember to make sure to select “AUDIO CD” and not data cd. Then after that, it is drag and drop :). I don’t suggest burning it higher than 8x though.

I burn my audio CDs at 40x without suffering any problems. But I use quality media and a Liteon CD-RW or my LG4163B DVD-RW , both of which do a very fine job with CDs.

The media is really the key to quality, far more so than speed IMHO.

all right, i will make sure i burn at slower speeds, thanks!