How can I burn DVD-R as data yet can be read/copy?

Hello all,

Do not blame me as I am newbie in the DVD process…

I tried burn with NEC2510A fw2.15 using Nero 6.3.x.x that the .mpeg / .rmvb into DVD-R as ‘data’, however, this cannot be copy in another DVD-ROM to HDD?
Error : cannot copy [filename] … invalid MSDOS function (in winxpsp2 prof/winxp).

Can any expert tell me just how can I burn DVD-R as data yet can be read/copy
from general DVD-ROM, need any booktype change or fw upgrade. I am fooled.


I am not sure where you are from (not included in your profile), but if you
are able to write more clearly in English or one of the other preferred
languages of CDFreaks, please do so. Your post is impossible for me, at least,
to understand with enough clarity in order to pose any possible answers
or other help.