How can I burn an audio track at a specific location (time setting) on CD?



Hello all!

Just wondering if someone can steer me in the proper direction with this problem I’m encountering. As the title suggests, I wondering how I can burn audio tracks, on a CD that will also contain data files, and burn these audio tracks at specific time settings…for instance, I would like the first audio track to be positioned at 26:27:30.

I’ve tried looking at Nero but have been unable to find such a feature that allows this!

THe reason I want to do this is because I want to modify some of the audio tracks that contain digital speech from a game cd and then i need to burn these modified audio tracks to the exact location as on the original game cd so that the game will recognize them properly. The reason I need to modify the audio tracks is because during the game, two different lines of speech will be heard simultaneously due to the way the speech is stored on the CD. After further investigation, I’ve discovered (by extracting the tracks as wavs) that each audio tracks contains a different phrase of speech - one from left channel and one from right channel and so when the game plays the digital speech from the cd, two different phrases are heard simultaneously…its strange to see digital speech stored this way…

The problem is mentioned in the game readme as follows (but the suggestion given below has not helped alleviate the problem):

“Due to the way that the speech is stored on the CD, it’s possible that you
may experience problems where two different speech phrases play at the same
time through each speaker.
Although this should be solved in most cases by the Speaker test in the
installation program, some manufacturers do not fully implement the standards
for CDROM/soundcard interface suggested by Microsoft, to which the game
conforms. As yet the only drives that we know have problems are the
Sound Galaxy IDE CDROM drive, and the Wearnes CDD-110.
The problem should be rectified by obtaining the latest CDROM software
driver version from your PC or CDROM drive supplier.”

THis game was made in 1996 so I’m not sure what “CDROM/soundcard interface standards” suggested by Microsoft, the developer is referring to.

Thanks in advance for any help!