How can i burn a image of a cd of psx

I have a bin file and a cue file, cd recorder lite on ltr 24102b, cd-rs of 1x-52x and alcohol version 1.9.2(build 1705).

I burn it but the minimun speed i could was 8x and when i run it on my play, in the videos slew. Its posible to hack the cd recorder to make it work at 2x speed


That’s an extremely old version of Alcohol. Have you tried the latest, Keep in mind though, that the burn speed is limited by firmware/burner and the media used.

Well i try alcohol 1.9.5(build 4327) and is the same, 8x is the lower speed, so what can i do?

In all probability, either you are using inferior cdrs or your image file is defective. Try with better quality cdrs and if that doesn’t work then make a fresh image from your original psx cd and try again.

Btw, you can’t burn a cdr at slower than 8x with your old Litey. However, there’s nothing to worry about there since it works just fine at 8x with good quality media.