How can I burn a file Of 772Mb?


I’m trying to burn an uncompressable file of 772Mb to a 800Mb cd. I have a plextor scsi 12/4/32.
If I try to burn the file with nero he only writes 2Mb. Discjuggler quits at 702 Mb somehow. Any other options? before i tear the file into pieces?

I already wrote some cd’s of 89 mins, why doesn’t it work with this file?

I have never heard of a 800 MB CD, just the 700mb/80 minute CD’s. If it was 800 mb CD, then you wouldn’t be having problems.

Did this file come from a CD? If so, just copy the original CD with CloneCD or something similar. Otherwise, you don’t really have much choice.

Anyway, there are cd’s up to 99minutes… but since most writers can only overburn up to 89min there are also 90min cd’s available here in belgium! 90 mins is about 800Mb. If you don’t believe me chechk the articles on 99 min cd’s on !

The file doesn’t come from a cd. (unfortunatly)
any other suggestions are welcome… Seems like i’ll have to split the file…

Have you ever heard of overburning?
I dont know much of it but i think it should work…
You have to go in the options and check a box…
It varies from program to program.

Try out CDrWin (, if you have the original more power to you. Use the suggestion that Lester mentioned about using CloneCD if you have the original

I was able to write the darn files to cd! I usec padus discjuggler. And overwriting!
Nero didn’t want to do the job! When nero starts his writing session, it changes from 739Mb to a 2mb file!

Luckily there are aother programms we can use!