How can I burn a DVD9 on disc folder to DVD9?


I’ve have done a backup of Aviator to a disc folder and now have ifo and vob files.
I have bought a Verbatim DVD+R DL and want to write the disc folder to the DVD.
What is the best way to do it?
Will Nero to the job correctly ou should I create an ISO image and burn with DVD Decrypter?

I would reread the DVD and do this is read and write in ISO mode.

That would be a good solution but I don’t have the original DVD. :frowning:

PgcEdit will fix it.

21 day free trial of clonedvd could do this too.

I’ve check the ifo files with pcgedit and the main movie ifo has the layer break set already.
I’ve also read that RecordNow 7.2 or later will do the job correctly.
How does the clonedvd backups behave in standalone players? Did you try it, Dr. Who?

Flawless in my opinion.

I will give a try.