How can i burn a dvd into a format that i can use on my mobile phone?

I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place :confused:

My phone is the Nokia N96, it can take MP4,WMV, MPEG formats etc

but i’d like to know what free software i can get to burn my dvds so they can be used on my phone.

Thank you very much, in advance :bigsmile:

You’ll need to decrypt and rip the dvds to the hard drive first. Use the free section of DVDFab for that. It is called DVDFab HD Decrypter and it will continue to function even after the trial for the main section of DVDFab expires. You can find it here:

After that you can try Xvid4PSP to convert to mp4. It is quite versatile and has a number of presets for mobile devices.

Handbrake is another popular conversion program that can make mp4 files for you.

Do you know the resolution, bitrate, and acceptable audio formats for you phone?

If you have the videos ripped to your hard drive, you can try this program
I have used it before, it works well, and it is free. It has option to optimize the video for the device you are using too. From there you simply have to transfer the file to the phone.

[edit]This is NOT a torrent download, by the way. It is a program supported by the pirate bay.