How can i burn a cd with multiple videos in one cd

How can i burn multiple videos in 1 CD but not bunched together:confused:
I’m trying to make a cd to have youtube video series in them for offline viewing.

I’m not sure what you want to do.Do you actually plan to use a CD-R to record the video on or a DVD +R or -R ?
If you are going to watch them on your computer you can leave them as .flv files & use ImgBurn to build them to a CD.They are sort of still bunched but VLC will forward to each individually.
If you want to do this to DVD then DVDFlick will do this for you .It will encode the .flv files to DVD files you can burn to DVD.They won’t be “bunched” together.If you do the menu.

Okay do you ever seen or have a family guy menu where the name of the episodes are on the menu and when you click it it has the scenes and a play button to play the episode thats how i want it. (Im might be confusing you)But i might go with DVDflick

It takes some learning & practice with DVDFlick to do this.I suggest starting with a DVD RW disc.These are the menus of the one YouTube compilation I did.Of course there are several title menus you have to select next page to go to.DVDFlick only shows 4 per page.
Also even if you read that DVDFlick will do 50 if they will fit in the disc space I found 48 to be the maximum.