How can i burn a 900 mb cd

well iam very new here
and i realy dono if iam @ the right place or nt
i have a 900 mb cd and i cant do it @ all using a nero version 6
so wat can i do 2 burn this cd
and make it audio or watever
thx alot

think you need a plextor writer or a cd that is specifically 900mb, try a search.

the cd is already a 900 mb and iam using a msi writre i wanna know how 2 set the nero 2 burn it

You need to set the Nero to allow overburning. Are you using Nero Burning Rom or Nero Express?

If you’re using Burning Rom, go File - Options - Expert Features and let Nero allow Disc-at-Once Overburning up to 99:00:00. Of course, you’ll have to burn Disc-at-Once.

Although the discs will be recognized as 703 MB ones, just burn as usual and ignore the warnings from Nero. Maybe you should verify after burning to be sure, non-standard discs are known for incompatibilities with some burners.

yeah but i dono how 2 set the nero
am using burning rom i guess … but am sure its nt the express one
its Nero 6.0.011 version

You need to upgrade your Nero to a 6.6.x.x version ASAP, outdated Nero versions = not good.

I already posted the settings for Nero… :iagree:

If you’re trying to copy the disc not all burners recognize 900 mb discs. You have to check if your burner will even recognize the disc. Try the company’s website.