How can i burn 6 different dvds at the same time



Hello how can i burn 6 different dvds at the same time?
Not 7 or 5…6 at the same time.
Will the standalone with the Duplicator Controller do this?
There must be a way other than have 6 pc’s???
I dont want to do them consecitivly either all at the same time and HAVE GOOD QUALITY AND FOR THE MOST PART GET GOOD BURNS.

I know you guys will know as you amaze me every time i ask a question here.
You are the experts.



You can buy duplicating towers here:

or you can try to build one yourself and use the Disc Juggler software which support multiple drive writing. But I think you’re better off just buying a stand-alone tower and throwing the master disc on top and letting the rest of the drives burn.


Yep with [B]Disc Juggler[/B] you can burn 6 DVD’s at the same time :slight_smile: