How can I burn 16x DVD+R on my notebook


Im wondering why my drive doesnt read the discs (16X DVD+R MEMOREX discs) I bought today. The disc package warns you that the drive firmware has to be up to date in order for these discs to work. Because of that I downloaded the firmware update on the HP page for my notebook (HP Pavilion ZX5000) but even after doing so I get the same result.
I have been asking around all evening and my brother thinks that maybe my drive (“Toshiba ODD-DVD SDR6252”) will not read anything over 8x. On a different forum someone told me that im an idiot for buying Memorex and that he has had the same problem. But before throwing my discs away I wanted to ask the pros on this forum, do I need another firmware update so that my drive reads the 16x discs. What do you all suggest?

Thanks in advance

Memorex’s quality is all over the place. I wouldn’t buy 16x discs since they are more expensive and you can’t burn at 16x. Since you already have the latest firmware, you won’t be able to upgrade it until the next update is released. You may want to try updating your ide drivers, they sometimes can cause problems. Sometimes some burners don’t like certain discs.

One thing you should be aware of. Memorex doesn’t make thier own media (neither do most of the brands out thier). Use this program to read the media code off your blank disks, it identifies the true manufacture.
Memorex has a bad reputation for using whatever they can get cheapest so it could be the best in the world or the crappiest or anywhere inbetween so it is a very unreliable brand to buy. The memorex 16x+r hasn’t been out that long and there are already four diffrent medias reported that they have used. You can go here and enter a brand to see what media codes it is liklly to be
Also, like zazonz said, even if media is good quality, sometimes a burner just doesn’t like a certain media. Scan the media code off your memorex. If they are not mcc004, then I sugest you try some verbatium 16x+r if you want to try 16x media. It is good quality and works well with most drives. That why you want to look at the media code though. Your memorex might be mcc004, in which case, you already know the verbatium wont work well as it is mcc004.

Hi…I am having the exact same problem with also the exact same DVD drive: Toshiba ODD-DVD SDR6252. I have Verbatim 16x DVD+Rs though and they are not being recognized by my drive. Will I also have to wait until they have a new firmware update to be compatible with these discs?? Please help…thank you.

Use dvd identifier to see what the media code is on your verbatium. Chances are very high that it is mcc004. If it is, it is good quality media. Unfortunatlly, your drive may still not burn it. The only firmware update that I found for your drive was from 2004 and it didn’t support 16x media (though it did add support for 8x media). From what was said on a few forums, hp was keeping this firmware a secret for some reason and it wasn’t on thier website. I assume that you have an hp laptop with this drive in it? It would seem that toshiba doesn’t support this drive, only hp. I would try contacting hp tech support directlly to see if their is an update that supports 16x media. Also, here is he one that supports 8x incase you havent updated to it. You never know, you might get lucky and it has some 16x support that isn’t mentioned.
Outside of finding a beter firmware update, you might not ever be able to use 16x media with this burner. Like I said though, try the 8x firmware update and see if it helps. You might also want to try posting in the firmware forum specifically asking for firmware updates for this drive.

  1. Please, check the firmware version of your Toshiba with InfoTool (
  2. Visit this site and check for newer firmware:

Yep, I have that latest firmware 1A14 installed. It says: firmware is current no need to update…or something of that sort. Thanks anyway for the help…It’s a shame that I have to take back these 100 pack Verbatim dvd+R’s that I got on sale…only $37.00 about…oh well… :frowning:

It really sucks. I usally only deal with desktops. For the cost of those disks, yu could almost get a sweet desktop burner.