How can I best reinstall my new PC from scratch?

My computer has been acting strangely recently (virus??) so I want to format/erase my computer and start over from scratch, can I format my c: drive, put my windows XP home edition CD into the CD-rom drive, turn off the computer, restart it and reinstall XP??? :confused:

My computer has been acting strangely recently (virus??)
Have you got an antivirus? Could also be caused by ad/spy/malware. Their are freeware programs available for each problem. Should try that before reformatting. As far as clean installs simply put your XP disc in the drive and options will come up.

Thank’s, yes I have a anti-virus (Norton ) and i’m using Ad-aware after each internet session. I’ve installed and removed a few software in the last 6 months, so I figure it’s time for a format and clean start anyway.

So you’re saying that I don’t have to format but just use my XP disk and it will do it for me?? :bow: What about all my drivers, graphic, soundcard and all the others, will I have to reinstall them??

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if you want to format it because it’s acting up, the best way is put windows xp cd in the drive. Go to bios and make sure you set the first boot device to cdrom. This menu should be in your advanced tab, boot sequence. something similar to that. And yes, you might have to install all your drivers again. Windows xp might have some basic drivers only if your hardware are old.

Good luck

I’ve installed and removed a few software in the last 6 months, so I figure it’s time for a format and clean start anyway.
Try a registry cleaner first. I always say Format is the last option:)

Ideally you should setup your system so that the next re-install of Windows will be a bit easier and faster. But before you do anything, try to download all video/monitor/modem, etc. drivers now and save them on a floppy/CD/Flash memory along with all your other backup stuff (bookmarks, email, etc.). Go over your directories twice, since there is always one file you will forget to backup…

First partition your exiting hard drive with two partitions (for example, a 20 GB drive, make them 15 and 5 GB) or add a second smaller hard drive. The second partition (or drive) will be where you will store all your backup stuff, specifically a ghost copy of your new Windows installation. Format the first partition and re-install Windows as described above. Configure your internet connection and re-install all your hardware drivers. When you have the basic system functionality all setup, using Norton Ghost, create a Ghost image of the first partition onto the second partition or drive. Thus, from now on, anytime you want to ‘redo’ your system, it will only take 5-10 minutes to re-ghost the partition/drive rather 30-45 minutes.

I have a new computer that got a bad virus, grandkids playing online. I called Gateway,
its one their new models, they told me how to write zeroes to the hard drive and then reinstall everything from all the disc that came with the computer. Most times if you buy a Dell, Gateway, HP etc. they will do this for you. CINDI :slight_smile: