How can i backup the chronicles of narnia?

I ripped it to my hard drive, but when i go to open the files with dvd shrink, i get:

DVD shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.

invalid data in C:\LSEONNW1\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB

Whats the deal?


have you got a program to remove protection?

Try to rip it again with the plugin

But i WAS able to rip it with dvd decrytper, just not burn it with dvd shrink. thats for if you cant rip it. :frowning:

If you rip the disc with the plugin, after ripping the files are cleaned from the all the crap inserted by protections. This method should allow you to get rid of the error in dvd shrink.

You can also do the cleaning step on the files you have, using fixvts manually. I suggested the plugin method because is fully automatic, and require only a minimal interventions.

Read the guide I posted previously: it contain all informations on the cleaning process to render ripped files complaining with dvd shrink

You can use anydvd and clone dvd from slysoft .com. Theres a 21 day trial and then you have to purchase it-you can get a discount using the promo code cdfreaks. good luck. there are free programs but they are not updated. these 2 programs will make it easier for you!

Wow, you guys are helpful.

Can i just run fixit and drag the bad VOB file into there? or do i have to DL PSL2 and then use fixit? If i can just use fixit (stand alone) itd be really easy.


Yes, you can use fixvts directly on the files. You can still use the plugin, and skip the first phase, because you already did the ripping.

Er, can i just run it from the folder i downloaded it from? Or do i have to DL that program, place fixitvts in the appropriate plugin folder, and THEN run it?

If I don’t remember wrong, run fixvts and drag first vob file on the little window. If in this way it elaborate only the first vob, then drag sequentially each vob file.

Sorry, I don’t remember exactly because usually I use the plugin that works automatically.

download anydvd it has a 21 trial period and is the best. to go one further download clonedvd2 from the same place (21 trial period too). it will be the easiest backup you’ll ever do. oh and if you buy it try putting in Afterdawn in the coupon code space for $10.00 off.

I think you could do it either way…seems that dragging and dropping it is easier, unless you have mutliples (which would also probably be as easy lol). Anyway, i just did it like it says in the guide.

Why does everyone reccomend clonedvd and anydvd all the time? is it better than dvd shrink and dvd decrypter?


Because these products are constantly updated. But are not free :frowning:

I personally find that dvd decrypter is still the very best :iagree:

Any other testimonials?

Btw geno, thanks alot for your help. i got it to run thru dvd shrink, its decrypting now. The movie will play as normal, right? And i only have to do this if its protected with that one type of protection?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

The movie is not modified (compressed or other) by fixvts; it only remove unreferenced cells and a ny crap introduced by protections. If you use shrink, obviously, the video stream is modified (because is compressed)


Not all of us recommend CloneDvD. I still use [U]DvD Decypter[/U] with [U]AnyDvD[/U] for the ripping part. Then I use [U]Imgburn[/U] to burn it. In my opinion this is the best trio to use.

:cool: :cool:


Which plugin are you talking about that works automatically. I would like to get that plugin.


I think Geno is refering to these nice little programs.

PSL2 plug-in
DVD Shrink plug-in

Found here


I found it here:



Yes :iagree: