How can i backup Medal Of Honor Allied Assault?

i have tried a variety of programs including nero and alcahol 120%, either im doing something wrong in the options or im using the wrong programs. this thing has some kinda insane copy protection. can someone post step by step how i can make a back up copy of cd 2 of this game?

It’s safedisc 2.51 protected. Read this thread to get yourself on the way.


I recommend CloneCD for MOH:AA. Read the image with it, then burn the image, with both times speed set at 4x.

Then when it comes to playing, make sure you have the CloneCD tray running and ‘Hide CD-R Media’ checked.

Both CDs are protected.Try doing one with clonecd and the other with maybe Alcohol 120%, see which works.

Please state which burner you have as well as firmware if you have any more queries.

I seem to remember the best copy you could make was with Padus Discjuggler, but I can’t find the guide.:frowning:

For an older revision of SafeDisc 2 like this, Alcohol or CloneCD can also do the job fine.

Sorry, Discjuggler was best for Safedisc 2.8

That’s why I corrected myself.

The tutorial (if you call it that) that i wrote here earlier should work fine for SafeDisc 2.x .