How can i backup C&C Zero Hour CD 1

hello i have tryed to backup C&C Zero hour a numbe of times with clonecd & nero and alcohol 120% but have been unsucessful everytime i am aware that that the disc has a safedisc thing on it i need to know how to bypass this.

Does anyone have a soloution?

Can you please post you burner make and model. This is needed to help you out.

it is a lite on 52x24x52 how do i find out the exact model?

One way is in Alcohol down the bottom it will say,
Physical CD/DVD-Rom. Under that it will say, (roughly)
(D:) Lite-On CDR xxxxx (2.1)

The xxxxx is the model number.

hi i found out my model is


OK now then we can begin.

C+C Zero Hour has SafeDisc 2.9 on it.

Try using Alcohol with safedisc profile. That should do it.

Please note that not all drive can copy this protection. You may end up having to use some kind of emulation to get it to work.

sorry i am a noob but i have alcohol trial version and what is the profile thing about?

No worries. Everyone is a Newbie at some stage.

Click Making Image Wizard.
Select SafeDisc datatype bottom left. Choose CD device. Next.
Give it a name (normally best to leave alone) and a place to store it. Hit Start.

Repeat for Buring but stick in a blank disc.

i am getting loads of “disc error xxx” messages coming up but the percentage is still going up is this ok?

Perfectly normal on a SafeDisc protected disc. Not worry about them they will stop by ~10%

The profile are designed for fast pre-designed settings. Different profiles have different settings. You use the profile you need.

thanks very muh for ya help guys i used alcolhol safedisc profile and it worked :wink: thanks a lot

Great. Glad we could help.