How can i backup a dvd with secrom 7 protection?

hi all,i am new here,but i have come across a problem: i have a disc(real) with secrom7 protection,and i have made it as .mds/mdf with alochol 120%.the method is a bit different from backup cd. As to cd,i can chosse “securom New(4/5/7)” option in “Datatypes”,but when i use alochol 120% to backup DVD,that “Datatypes” disappear,and i dont know how to do it. even that,i still try to test it.i use newest version of daemon and yasu to run the disc and install it,but when i try to open the disc,it shows that:please insert the original disc,yep,i know i havent remove the securom protection,that confused me for some times.anyone pls tell me the method how to use alochol 120% to backup dvd disc wich secrom7 protection? thank you!

See here.

ok,thx…but i still have some problem about that

1.the chapter said

Hit Next and set your Measuring Speed for the DPM function which will just appear for the SecuROM settings not for SafeDisc settings (Alcohol support recommends Measuring Speed Maximum for the best result using DVDs)

but i dont know what DPM function is? pls tell me the deatil

2.before i run the disc with DTools,should i select “Emulation”->“Securom” first?

DPM is Data Position Measurement. You don’t need any emulation settings if you run the game from a virtual drive you’ve to enable them when you use an emulated copy. You asked me in your PM if hiding your drives is cloaking in yasu, yes it is.

ok,thank u for the explain.but i dont know the detail setting of Alochol 120% about making DVD with Securom 7 protection.pls show me some pic if it’s possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Make the image as set out in this tutorial.

yes,it’s ok now with DPM…thank you for the help…