How can i back-up/fuse 4 diablo 2 cd's into 1 dvd?

Hi there,
I have 4 diablo 2 cd’s [Install disc, Play Disc, Cinematics Disc and Expansion Disc]. I would like to fuse all these 4 cds into 1 full working installation dvd disc so that it saves me time by avoiding swapping discs during installation and also because these cds are getting scratched and unreadable with time. Can someone please help me to figure it out?
And how do i remove the copy protections found in the cds so that the dvd is dvd-check free? so that there are no annoying “Please insert the correct dvd-rom into Drive” errors. I’ve heard of and downloaded programs like gamejack, CloneCd, etc… But i’ve not been able to make good use of them yet.

                                                        Please help, 
                                                             From a newbie