How can I avoid smelly media?

I’ve bought CD and DVD media alike that were just silver lacquer, and also silkscreened with logos and both were smelly of solvents, etc.

I’ve also bought both that didn’t smell.

Is there any way to predict at all?

I was thinking maybe the inkjet printable ones don’t have a smell but I haven’t bought those. Anyone know?

I think you might be right about the printables not smelling so much, all the printables i have used havnt smelled.

The worst ones ive ever had were cheap bulkpaqs and they stunk of sewage, i suppose it depends on the brand though.

Maybe that’s where they got them from. The s*!? heep. hehe

Wear a Mask everytime you burn a disc

Some people are very sensitive to solvent odors, I can understand not wanting media to smell that way. The TY I have bought rarely smells too strong. I also agree that lower quality stuff tends to smell worse, in many ways. :wink:

Not enough… just sitting there burned or unburned alike is emitting fumes that gives me a headache… Sigh.

Oh well, I’m sure more people will weight in on their observations.

BTW, the media I’m talking about here are all Taiyo Yuden manufacture, though I did have a stinky POSTech cdr spindle.

i bought a pack of traxdata’s & they stink a bit like black bin bags . Not with rubbish in it. Left the tub cover off for a week now the don’t smell so much

My TDK Richojpnr01’s stink like a chemical factory.

Small price to pay though as they burn awesome. :bigsmile:

My ritek-made Maxell RICOHJPNR02 smell like… syrup… very weird… lol

Yeah I got a few of these spindles. Those discs smell like they’ve just come out of the RiTEK factory!


Ah, the sweet smell of new discs!

I start a new brand:

Parfumed 16X Dvd’s :bow:

mmmm… i just smelt my Sonys, I would give the sony 5/10 for smell, to chemically. TY CD-R ahhhh… 9/10, hardly smelt at all.

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. wonder how many people had never stared smelling there media untill this thread, and now will probably smell it each time they buy some, I know I will now :bigsmile:

Don’t smell them, just use for the purpose they were made for.

for crying out loud have any of you guys got kids? try having to smell shtty nappies 24/7, my discs could smell like a chemical dumping ground and i wouldnt give 2 bll*cks

That could be a funny game for cdfreaks
'Sniff my dvd and tell me who manufactured it"

Ritek made are the easily recognizable.

What about the pytholacyanine (yeah, I know, got the spelling wrong) - cyanide is poisonus, so best not spell them unless you have to :slight_smile:

Not sure about pytho… - but if it smells bad, don’t smell it. I have had some discs that smelt awful, normally cheaper cdr’s - not so with dvdr’s - but now I use TY dye and can’t say I notice a thing, unless I bring them to my nose - then they smell like good wine, with a hint of coconut, pineapple, cinamon, and roasted nuts :slight_smile:

There are two materials that are primarily used for the dye layer (also know as the recording layer). These are cyanine, which is light blue and pthalocyanine, which is nearly colorless. Both are organic compounds. There is no cyanide in either of them as is sometimes mistakenly thought.

Mind you, I would NOT sniff the result of microwaved CD, as many plastics do burn with an assortment of toxic chemicals released. I also wouldn’t risk my microwave doing it!

Yep, that’s what friends are for!

It certainly would explain alot about their overall quality. :wink: Anyways, I think the worst smelling media that I have used has been the frosted top Ritek/Ridata discs. Like sitting in a closed room huffing permanent markers. :Z