How can i avoid buffer underrun error?



hi, i’ve a 733 mhz celeron cpu and 128 RAM. But every time, my cd burner (samsung) shows buffer underrun when i finish burning cd. and usually, my newly burned cd cannot b read by cd drieves. i’m really in great tension here. should i change my IDE cable ? is it too long ? i wanna very eager 2 avoid buffer underrun error. but i’m yet till now. any solution plz ? i purchased the burner in 2006,Jan. :sad:


Buffer under-run and unreadable discs are often 2 unrelated issues. However, some CD burners, especially older ones, do not handle under-runs well and the burns will fail or the discs can be unreadable.

Problem 1: Buffer under-run is due to your hard drive being too slow for the burning task.
Solutions: Lower your burn speed; increase the size of your read buffer; avoid using the PC at all during the burn; confirm that ALL drives are in UDMA mode, not PIO; defrag the hard drive with a proper dedicated defrag tool; if you’re burning lots of small files, consider creating an ISO 1st, then burning that. Or use the burning software’s option to cache all the files.