How can I add copy-protection to DVD-Data / DVD-Video?



For the past few days i looked for all kind of free copy-protection software so I can add some protection to some DVD-Data and DVD-Video I have …
Till now I found a program called WTM Copy Protection 2.47 that seems to be able to do what I need but the deom version only allows for 400MB to be encrypted, so I couldn’t use it.
Another software that I found is idoo Secure Disc 1.1 (this one is completely free). A program that allows to create a Secure zone on the DVD that is only accessible by entering a password; but the problem I met with this software is that you can still copy the DVD even if it has the secure area created. Even if the area is not accessible in normal view, when you 1:1 copy the disc all the content will be copied, the secure and the public.

Is there a way, or a program with which I can add a valid copy-protection to my DVD’s ?
I’m only looking for something free, because I know that any protection can be beaten by the right ripping software.
I only want some basic protection, against the novice user, that wouldn’t bother with ripping the DVD’s.


About the only free way I have found to prevent people from copying a DVD is to print ‘Gigli’ on the label. I guarantee most people will not copy it. I’d even bet most folks wouldn’t even watch it…:stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Here’s a thread about Copy Protection


I found a working WTM Copy Protection, but I’m not being able to protect the my DVD-Video. Is there anyone that can explain me how to do it, step-by-step ?
BTW, this is what I tried and failed:
I made a copy of my DVD-Video on my HDD. After that I made a new DVD-Video project in Nero. In the project I added all my needed video files(Audio & Video folders). After that I added the *.imp and dump files from WTM Copy Protection folder, into my project in nero(They are allready named so they look like .VOB files). After this I burned the project into an .iso image.
Now with a Raw Burning Software I made another .iso image from the .iso image from the nero project. For this I used Complex Evolution(It has a 30-day evaluation period).
Now in WTM Copy Protection software I used the Wizard Option.
Here I selected the new Raw image created. I selected the project to be used “FileProtection-with-example-for-CD-DVD-BD.wtmpr” and on the field for the filenames to be protected on DVD. I added the names of my .VOB files(only the ones with the actual video - VTS_01_1.VOB , VTS_01_2.VOB , VTS_01_3.VOB etc). For my Type I selected DVD-VIDEO and I pressed the Protect button.
I waited for the image to be protected.

Now when I mount my new protected raw image I am able to see only a portion of the actual video … I think it’s only the first .VOB file …
PS: In windows explore I can’t see the files that I protected, so in some way the protection works but I’m not able to see all the video.

Anyone knows where and what I did wrong ? Please, I need to make this work as fast as possible.