How can I add breaks into my Audio Book

I have the 7th Harry Potter Book on Audio, but its over 21 Hours. I am able to fit it all onto 1 CD as MP3 with extra space. The problem is its 21 hours long and there are no breaks in it so I can seek in my car. How can I add breaks so it breaks every 10 minutes or so?

I have mp3DirectCut and I am having problems with it. I have searched the guide of how to use it an everything. Is there anyway to have it automatically make a break every 10 minutes rather than my self manually doing it? over 21 hours almost 22 hours is a lot to do every 10 minutes. Any way of Auto every 10 minutes with MP3DirectCut?

Not sure, but my suggestion is to keep reading TFM, ok! no offense…

Cheers, T

What is TFM, and I don’t take offense because I’m quite sure its not in this manual. So it must not have it.

Special -> AutoCue -> enter time (I use 6 minutes - then the file name reflects the time in hours) -> OK…Then to save it: File -> Save Split -> (enter destination folder) (suggest “book title %N” as name) -> OK…And Bob’s your uncle! You’ve split the file up.